Monday, January 9, 2012

Magazines: Online or Glossy?

My coffee table looks like the above photo. One of my favorite past times is thumbing through the glossy pages of magazines and earmarking the articles that I love to file away in various categories. This being said I have rejected the online craze for longer than most. This was made abundantly clear when I recently waited for my flight and even the 10 year olds where toting around a Kindle, IPad and IPhone.

This year my husband gifted me with a Kindle Fire which originally made me give stocking stink face. But I have since learned that I kinda love the ease of having so many options at my fingertips and have vowed to really try to embrace the online thing this year.

That being said, CasaSugar has an article with a great source to the top 10 online magazines which I intend to put into my repertoire. But I need some tips fellow hip hostess’. Do you have a method for storing articles, photos, etc that you want to refer to later? How do you remember what magazine is online at what time? I know I am not able to get these online on my Kindle at this time, but I have to believe, that since 1 million sold in one day that everyone is fast at work to resolve this problem which will make it easier.

I’m all ears.


Else said...

I too am a fan of analogue so to speak. From film cameras, letters in the post,to printed books and magazines. There is something so wonderful about tangible items. The texture, the smell. The effort and care that went into making them.
Needless to say embracing all the fancy new technology has been low on the priority list.
Slowly I've decided I won't be able to hold on to these ways much longer as our world is definitely changing. One thing I've been using to help keep track of things I find online is Pinterest. You can link directly to an article or page, select only the pictures that interest you, and leave comments for yourself to remind you what you've linked and why you loved it.
I also have a huge favourites list on my computer.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I think it depends on what you like to clip or save. I recently started using a magazine app that lets you download and save all of the issues that you buy, and it's great for a British design mag that I love -- much cheaper than a print subscription too. That said, I tried this system with a cooking mag and was disappointed because I couldn't leave notes in the margins or clip out good recipes.
I guess it's like anything else in that there are pros and cons to both methods. You just have to decide what your own priorities are and which version serves them best.

Chrystina Noel said...

For articles and pictures that I find online I usually screen shot them and save them to a bundle of folders all categorized under inspiration - then when I save them I save them with the name of the location that I got the article/picture from. Recently I've added taking a picture on my iPhone to that list of ways to capture those articles and pictures.

Recipes I'm still a little behind on though, I just bookmark them and browse through them later. Once I have tried and like a recipe though, I add it to my excel spreadsheet. Each recipe has its own tab and there is a table of contents in the front.

I know what you mean about browsing through magazines though - it's a pretty great feeling...