Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fabulous Fingers..?!?!


Maybe it's because I'm well into my 30's, but these new nail polish trends just scare me. I don't think I can pull off pistachio colored nail I just search for my tried and true Essie Vanity Fairest and go neutral.

But after reading this article from Refinery 29, I'm feeling a bit like a fuddy duddy. I probably should mix things up a bit. I have been known to mix in a You Don't Know Jacques or Cajun Shrimp. But Crackle finish? No.

Do any of you dear readers have a fun nail polish color that an old-ish gal like me could pull of without looking like I'm trying to re-live my Teen Beat days?

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tina said...

Ha! This made me laugh out loud! I feel the same way. In the fall, I was at a salon and told the girl that I felt I was too old to get away with glitter nail polish. She naturally protested and when I said, "I am turning 37 next week," her response was "Oh! That's how old my mom is." I still haven't had glitter nail polish.