Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Unique Kitchen Gifts

Kitchen gadgets.

I love online retailers that have a plethora of assorted interesting goods. A Plus R is definitely one of those places. I especially liked some of their space-saving kitchen gadgets. I think they'd make great shower gifts for a future bride. Here are some of my faves:

Compact Herb Chopper
This ingenious gadget is a chopper and cutting board in one. Totally cute and takes up very little space in your cupboards.

Spaghetti Measure
A slide guide on the side adjusts from 1 - 4 servings. And another compact design!

Cutting Board
A cutting board that folds in half so you can easily create a chute that drains and then deposits your chopped veggies wherever you need them.

And my absolute favorite. A colander that can be stored flat and then folds up on all sides to create a strainer. Do you know how much I'd like for my colander to take up less space?? Love this.

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Abby said...

love the pasta portioner... Brilliant!