Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Party Hats.

All my pictures of my birthday parties growing up have a bunch of kids sitting around a table wearing birthday hats and me at the head of the table wearing not only a birthday hat but a huge cheesy grin.
I loved those hats and probably still would if you sat one atop my head right now.

The thing about birthday hats is if you are not going for a Dora the Explorer theme or a Disney movie of some type then it is really hard to find a suitable hat. That is until I received an email from Dana Miller of Dana is a stay at home mom with three boys and has turned her love of special occasion hats into a business.

All of Dana’s hats are super cute and would definitely be a great place to start if you are searching for a theme for an upcoming party. Check them out…you won’t be disappointed.

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coolkids said...

Love birthday hats. I get one custom made by an etsy seller for my kids birthdays each year. They are great keepsakes. I will have to check her site out.