Saturday, October 23, 2010

Spicy Spicy


Go ahead and call me a geek. I just love organization! It could be a mild case of OCD that causes my heart to palpitate when my home is even slightly disheveled. But nonetheless, the feeling that I get when I perfectly organize my stuff is just pure elation and pride. Yup...Grade "A" Geek.

Well I'm going to share my newest reason for geeking-out at the homestead: Ikea's Rajtan Spice Jars.

If you've ever searched for the perfect spice jar set, you might understand my excitement. Most sets have one of the following problems.

1. They come pre-marked with some obscure spices that you'll never use.
2. The containers come in a case that is odd to store and you'd never want out.
3. You can't buy additional jars to add on if you use a wide variety of spices.
4. They're ugly.
5. Lots, lots, more.

The beauty of these jars is that you buy them in sets of 4...for the mere cost of $2.99. They are you can use you handy label maker to mark them with whatever spices YOU use the most. And they are freakin' adorable.

I outfitted this entire drawer above with the little jars filled with spices that I use the most. And I bought extra to keep in the cupboard for those that I use less frequently (I store them in an old baking pan so I can easily lift the whole assortment out at the same time). Geekiness in full effect...and I love it!

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