Friday, October 8, 2010

Make Your Own Manicure


I love getting mani/pedi's. It's my time to sit and speed read all of the gossip mags, enjoy a killer massage chair, and make my hoofs and claws look lovely. And after my pamper session, I just feel so much prettier.

But what happens when my perfectly enameled nails start to chip? My digits stay unadorned for at least 3 weeks before I'm willing to make the splurge again. You see...I can push back cuticles, shape my nails, and moisturize perfectly...but I can't apply my own polish to save my life. I might get one coat on perfectly; but somewhere between basecoat, 2 coats of color, and topcoat, I am bound to make at least a couple of mistakes. And then I tried Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure.

I can thank the pharmacist for taking too long to fill a prescription for this one. I wandered around Walgreen's just a little too long and convinced myself it was worth a try...and it was.

This polish goes on very smoothly and the flat brush gives you SO much control. And only two coats gives you the same coverage and results as a basecoat, strengthener, growth treatment, color, and top coat. Sweet!

My favorite color is Commander and Chic (the middle one below). Now my nails can look great all of the time!!!


Kate said...

Commander in Chic is absolutely my favorite fall color!

shauna said...

As soon as I read this post I, too, purchased Commander in Chic and I LOVE it! I have gotten so many compliments too!