Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Target Teaser

Home Goods.

There's a very special little place on 2nd Street in Manhattan that I absolutely adore. The John Derian Store. The quaint store has stacks and stacks of their signature decoupage glass plates and platters, paper weights, and coasters...along with the most charming and cheeky collection of furniture, lighting, and tableware. These pieces are special and well as an investment. And I love it.

So when I opened my Lucky magazine this weekend and saw a 2 page ad announcing the release of a John Derian collection for Target, I vigorously tore out the ad and started searching the web. The only problem is Target's website doesn't have a single picture of what to expect. And because of my excited page tearing, I couldn't even scan the picture to show you the pieces on the ad. But it doesn't matter. John Derian = gorgeous stuff.

According to the ad, the pieces are available as of September 5th and are priced starting at $1.49. Amazing!! I've marked my calendar for a Target trip. I missed out on JD's Target Collection in 2008...and I won't let that happen again. Happy shopping, all!

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weddinginvitationkits said...

I did all of my shopping at Target for my daughter's new place in school. Absolutely fantastic store. I checked out the designer in this post and you are right - it = gorgeous. Great article.