Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Olive and Sinclair

Well-Packaged Treats.

I will admit that I am usually drawn to more modern design but when I saw this packaging I couldn’t help envisioning these bars in an antique soda crate next to some good old fashioned lemonade. They would be the perfect additive to an ice cream social type of theme. They come in 67% Chocolate, 75% chocolate, sea salt and salt and pepper. Check out their blog for a list of retailers.


coolkids said...

adorable! They do look yummy!

Hey, did you ever check out milk and honey?

Unknown said...

they look beautiful! I love the vintage feel! ...they might have to make it into my wedding folder!

hugs! Kim @
party inspiration

Hip Hostess said...

I have definitely been to Milk & Honey. SO...good. Still need to go for brunch. Their pancakes and waffles sound amazing :)