Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ikea Crazy

Party Supplies.

To paraphrase comedian Jim Gaffigan: "Don't you feel weird drinking wine out of anything other than a wine glass? It makes you feel like a lush. Can I get a refill in my Yatzee cup? And fill up the sippy cup too while you're at it. Danke."

It is SO true. If I'm having a big party, I'd rather serve wine in a ceramic planter than in a plastic cup. Thankfully, Ikea makes it possible to avoid the solo cup with a little more class...and without breaking the bank.

I just received their newest catalogue this past weekend, and here are some of the pages that I dog-eared for future event supplies.

BONUS flatware - 16 pieces for $3.99??? Bu-bye plastic fork. Hello stainless steel.

REKO glasses - Fantastic modern detail with a touch of charm. And they are $1.99/6. Right on.

DIOD glass - At $1.99/glass, this is a bit pricey for a big party. But they are so cool and fantastic color options make them even more appealing.

BARBAR Tray - $5.99 for an adorable utilitarian piece. Yes, please!

LEENDE carafe - $9.99 for a 41oz container. Fantastic for premixing martinis and then just shaking over ice to serve.

Love the whole page. But one super notable.

SVALKA red wine glass - $4.99/6pk. Shut the front door...that is fantastic pricing.

Lighting galore!! I'll take the whole page, but I'm dying for:

NEGLINGE candlestick/tealight holder - versatility in a 49¢ package. I can just imagine a table filed with varying heights of taper candles and votives.

STRANGNAS series: Black and white turned pillar holders. Love it.

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Nicole-Lynn said...

Great finds! I'll have to check IKEA out when I'm hosting another get together! Thank you!