Saturday, August 7, 2010

Water Wake-up

Gift Idea.

One of my cousins is preparing to be a Freshman in college this year, and I'm secretly a little jealous. What isn't to love about college? It's your first true taste of independence (kind of), you move to a new place, meet new people, and basically live an awesome existence for four years. Yeah...I'm jealous.

As a graduation/entering college gift, my husband and I put together a dorm-life survival pack. I only wish that I had seen this product before putting our package together.

Yes these alarm clocks by Bedol What's Next are cute and bright and cheery...but you know what makes them totally genius? They run purely on energy powered by tap water. Crazy, huh?

I think this is an amazing gift idea for anyone, but particularly new college students. It's cheap ($29). It's cute (love that it's shaped like a water drop). And tons of celebrities love it too (Leo, P. Diddy, and Jessica Alba to name a few). And come runs on water!!! For up to 3 months without having to refill it. Too cool.

And if you aren't feelin' the water drop design, look what's being released in September. The "Smiley" is $10 more and comes in a variety of favorite is this charcoal grey. I repeat...great gift.

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