Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Limited Edition Liquor

Cocktail Recipe.

A few weeks ago I was on a serious mission at Binny's Beverage Depot. I had a goal of what to buy and my ZipCar rented for a specific, short amount of time. As I'm speedily pushing my cart from the sweet tea vodka section over to beer, I was literally stopped in my tracks by some fantastic and unusual packaging. That bottle was Absolut Brooklyn.

Absolut bottles are always very simplistic and sleek no matter what the infusion. But this bottle had an illustration of a brownstone stoop and the usual Absolut seal of Swedish Spirit master Lars Olsson Smith was given a makeover a la Spike Lee's Mars Blackmon. That's all I needed. Sold.

Once I had a chance to experiment with what I later found out was an Apple and Ginger-Infused Vodka, I realized that this bottle is way more than packaging. The flavors are clean and crisp and need little accompaniment to make a tasty cocktail. But by far my favorite, is the aptly named Stoop Party.

Stoop Party

1 part Absolut Brooklyn
1 part Cranberry Juice
1 part Ginger Ale

Build over ice in a highball glass. Garnish with a lime wedge.

*** One more reason to buy this Limited Edition Libation is that Absolut is donating $50,000 of their profits from the sale of this product to Habitat for Humanity - NYC. They'll use this money to build homes in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn.


coolkids said...

mmm sounds super good and refreshing!

Anonymous said...

Absolut is one of the few iconic brands the Swedes have left :-)

Jordan said...

I just had the chance to try this the other day too, and now I need to buy a bottle to make that cocktail! Thanks for the recipe. We usually have a gin and tonic out on our Cobble Hill stoop every Sunday afternoon in the summer, but I might have to switch it up for this tasty Brooklyn-themed treat!

Abby said...

Out my way, they sell an Absolut Flavor of the Tropics in the airports, you can even do "samples" while you wait in the Terminal... yum!