Saturday, August 28, 2010

I Should Have Known

Make-Up Tricks.

I have been wearing make-up for many years and consider myself to be pretty adept at most techniques. I can apply red lipstick and maintain a perfect pout. I can do an Audrey Hepburn-esque liquid liner cat eye. But the second I attempt to apply false lashes, I become all thumbs...and left-handed thumbs at that!! After many, many frustrated minutes of trying, I usually give up and become very cranky. Not a great way to start a festive evening.

So when I was reading an article in Glamour Magazine about the "3 Tricks We Should All Know By Now" (no need to rub it in), I finally figured out what the heck I have been doing wrong for all of these years!

Here are the important points that I learned from Glamour's article.

1. You're supposed to look down in a mirror!! Apparently, when you look straight-on into a mirror it is very difficult to get the right angle to position the lashes. Hence my 20 left thumbs.

2. After you apply the glue to the lash (individual lashes or small sections are easiest), you have to wait 20 seconds to let it get tacky. I certainly wasn't waiting long enough before.

3. When you apply the lash with slant tweezers, wiggle it into place instead of just laying it on top of the lash line.

4. Use dark glue instead of white. It will blend into your lashes better when dry.

5. Apply one coat of mascara before applying lashes and then one coat after to up the intensity and make them blend into your real lashes.

6. At the end of the night, press a cotton ball soaked in eye make-up remover against your eyelids. They slide right off (as apposed to pulling your skimpy real lashes off with the falsies)

So with these new tips in mind, I think I am ready to give falsies one more shot. Hopefully it's not too late to teach an old dog new tricks!!


Anonymous said...

So funny you should post this now. We are having a big 4-0 birthday party for my husband and myself in 2 weeks. I am so desperate to get these lashes on properly that I booked an appointment at my salon to have someone else do it! You may have just saved me $55 dollars.


Dawn E said...

I'm actually very good at doing makeup and am asked to apply makeup to everyone I know frequently. However, my favorite "trick" is to go to the MAC counter, have them do my makeup, purchase my favorite set of "falsies", and have them apply them. All of the application is free with the purchase of any item. I feel pampered, and I don't have to struggle with the tweezers near my eyes with a mirror at chest level.

Nicole-Lynn said...

Hmm... these are great tips, just might have to give these another try! haha

Anonymous said...

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