Saturday, September 26, 2009

Watercolor Wonderland

Talent Spotlight.

I am constantly amazed by the talents of artists within all areas of design. Whether it is graphic, interior, industrial, or fashion design, there are so many places to find inspiration. My new stationary inspiration is Courtney Khail.

For anyone that can appreciate true artistry, her work will blow you away. Truly unique, Courtney's work blends dreamy hand-painted watercolor with the hard lines of stamping to create a look that is unlike anything that I have ever seen in the world of paper. And when I asked her to tell me a bit about herself and how she designs all of her amazing pieces, I could tell from her response that her work is a true passion. So I'll share those words with you:

"With my work I strive to keep the focus on the art and on the client. To me, something custom shouldn't just mean that it has your name or monogram- actually, I try to steer clear of that. I try instead to focus on what matters to my client- is it a certain color, flower being used in her wedding bouquet or activity they love to do? If so, that's what I want to work with!"

"So whether it is a wedding invitation, a set of note cards for a gift, or just to write "thinking of you" letters, I make sure that everything is especially created for my client. Each design is first drawn by me, then each piece is individually hand painted and then hand stamped with the design. You get to feel the ink, follow the brush strokes, and see the subtle variations of each piece."

So please make sure to take a look at Courtney's work and spread the word that there is some amazing new talent in the stationery world.


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absoluetly gorgeous invites!