Friday, September 18, 2009

Embroidery Hoop Heaven

DIY Decor.

I love this creative, easy and economical idea. Design Dazzle uses embroidery hoops to add visual interest to a nursery creating a modern day mobile. However, this idea could easily be incorporated into many areas of your home or even event space. It is a great, economical way to create an ambience by adding pattern, color or theme. The hoops and fabric combinations are light enough to hang almost anywhere and most craft stores and fabric stores sell fabric remnants at a highly discounted rate. With so many different styles of embroidery hoops and fabrics available this project is an easy way to incorporate your personality into any situation.


Marianne from France said...

LOVE IT !!! So unusual and brings a lot of personality to the room !

Amanda said...

So pretty! I live in a loft apartment with tall ceilings and I'm always interested in decorative hangings!!