Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mini Caramel Apples

Fun Food Idea.

I have always had a love-hate relationship with caramel apples. I love to eat them but, let’s face it; you must be in the comfort of your home, with no one around, to really go to town on a caramel apple. There is just no graceful way to eat those suckers. You will always have a face full of caramel and 2 days and 2 washings later you will still manage to find some in your hair.

This proved to be a problem for caramel apple lovers everywhere…until Sakurako Kitsa had the genius to put together a tutorial on mini caramel apples. Imagine being able to enjoy caramel apples at parties, in public, even at weddings. This, my friends, is a huge breakthrough and this fall I vow to eat mini caramel apples in public at least once a week!


Michelle said...

is that a mellon baller for the mini apples? so just peel an apple, then use a mellon baller....huh...that is a great idea!
you're right there is surely no safisticated way to eat a caramel or candied apple in public.

Unknown said...

A real break-through for modern caramel-apples eating women all around the world ;-) Thank you!

Wormfood33 said...

i was going to give these at my fall wedding as favors, but ended up running out of budget and time. wish i could have done it though!