Friday, July 31, 2009

This Project Rocks


When summer arrives everyone quickly moves the party outdoors and frankly, why wouldn’t you? It is relaxing, there is plenty of space, people can spill their red wine as many times as they want and the best is you don’t have to re-clean you house the next day after you spent hours making it look nice in the first place.

There are a couple of things that can be tricky about entertaining outside. One of them is that pesky wind. It can be disheartening to plan the perfect table setting with corresponding place cards only to see them blowing around the yard five minutes after placing them. Or what always seems to happen to me is, as the night winds down, there is always some board game or card game that everyone wants to try and the cards won’t stay on the table.

Well not anymore! This Hip Hostess is going to be prepared thanks to Poopscape Projects with a vase full of rocks that doubles as a cool centerpiece on the table or buffet. They could also do double duty and work as place cards with a purpose. Check out the tutorial here.


Pixie said...

Love these! The gold is perfect.

Appointbox said...

I really love this kind of stuff.