Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Life Altering at $15 and Under?


Every once in awhile, the everyday ordinary things that we use have an extraordinary impact. Hence what I'm going to share with you today. In NYC our local convenience chain, Duane Reade, has given a face lift to some of its stores. Because of the new clean and higher-end look, I was compelled to peruse my usual store for a bit longer than I normally would...and I ended up with some amazing products that have knocked my socks off. Check these out:

I color my hair on a regular basis due to some pesky premature silver strands that keep sprouting up. So I try to deep condition on a weekly basis. I previously was using a fancy brand that I had to special order...not anymore! This product packs in an amazing amount of moisture without weighing my fine locks down. And the light coconut scent gives your shower a subtle reminder of a wonderful tropical vacation without leaving you smelling like a Pina Colada all day long.

Slipper Genie
Go ahead and laugh if you must, but these puppies are a multi-tasker's dream! Switch these out with your normal slippers every other day, and your wood floor will thank you. Plus, I don't have to bend over to pic up that scary dust ball that somehow appeared in the corner. The slipper can take care of that...

L'oreal Bare Natural Mineral Makeup
I know so many people that have been on the Mineral Makeup kick for awhile...and I've been skeptical. I didn't think there was anyway that it could cover occasional redness or the unexpected Mt. Olympus pimple. Scoffing at the more expensive options at department stores, I decided to take a less costly risk on the L'oreal option. Love it! The coverage is easily adjusted from light to medium. It actually stays on my combination skin when other foundations dissipate. And the color range worked on my fair and hard to match skin. This is a keeper!

Yes To Carrots Body Butter
Body Butters are great because they pack in so much moisture when lotions can sometimes fade into nothing. My only negative is that body butters can often be a bit greasy...especially in the Summer months. This particular brand combines the best of both worlds - intense moisturizing that leaves a non-greasy finish. And the scent is light and subtle so it won't compete with your perfume.


Rachel said...

Those slippers are amazing!!

Unknown said...

I think I have to go purchase a pair of those slippers! And the coconut hair brand works wonders! My hair loves me now!

Gabby said...

I love the Yes to Carrots brand! They make a hair masque that I love!