Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Link Love.

Tuesday Inspiration.

Kiss the Groom
I love this new twist on a traditional photobooth.

A Glamorous Little Side Project
Love the shoes. Love the hair. Love the blouse. Love everything.

Four Walls and a Roof
I’m not much for roughin’ it, but this super chic tent in the desert could tempt me.

Broken Saucer
Attention all friends and family. If you get married in Napa or Sonoma or any other wine country…I would like an invitation like this please.

I never get tired of a seeing a cute cupcake design. And I love this version of a traditional Yellow Butter Cake.


Rachel said...

This was a great way to start my day... thank you!

Stephanie said...

How cool! I love the first one. I've been trying to order something like that for a while to put in our bedroom.

lucy@fourwallsandaroof said...

Thanks for the mention! I agree - not much would tempt me into camping, but this is definitely a place I'd spend an evening. Ideally, I'd be eating one of those cupcakes too!

hanly said...

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