Wednesday, July 22, 2009

DIY: Wood Chip Vase


I ran across a great DIY in Natural Home Magazine that I couldn’t wait to share. Not only is the end result beautiful but it will make you gung-ho to do a little pruning. With the green movement in full swing, this cute little number could add a natural, green aspect to any event or home décor.

Who knew that saving your leftover cans and using a little elbow grease on your outdoor branches could yield a phenomenal centerpiece for around $2.00.

Unfortunately, living in NYC we don’t have much access to small branches. But this might warrant a trip for Hip Hostess upstate with some pruning shears. Check out the how-to for this stunning wood chip vase


Rachel said...

That's a lovely idea for a planter.

Shari @ Pretty Chicky said...

This is gorgeous!!!