Saturday, April 4, 2009



When I was a little girl living in the small farm town of Clyde, Kansas, I use to visit my next door neighbor Mrs. Wagner. Mrs. Wagner was most likely in her seventies and usually was found in the kitchen, canning and baking , but she could always be counted on for a quick game of Pick Up Sticks and a fresh radish sandwich. Now back then people thought Mrs. Wagner was a bit off her rocker. Who eats radishes with butter on a slice of bread? What they didn’t know was that Mrs. Wagner was hip for the Midwest. The French have been eating and enjoying this delicacy for years.

With spring here and farmer’s markets reopening for the season, bringing with them fresh ingredients. I know my first purchase is going to be a big bunch of Cherry Bomb radishes in ode to Mrs. Wagner.

Not only is this great for a quick healthy snack or inexpensive lunch it is also great for serving guests. All you need is a loaf of French bread cut into diagonals and lightly toasted, a bunch of radishes sliced diagonally, some good sea salt and butter, or herb butter if you prefer. Don’t worry if people wrinkle their nose at first because they won’t be wrinkling anymore once they take their first bite.

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