Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Beautiful April Showers

Bridal Shower and Photography.

If there is something that I have definitely learned from experience, it is that great photography makes all of the difference in the world when you are trying to capture important moments or details.

So when Sandra Pan of Sandra P Photography reached out to tell us about a very special bridal shower that she had shot, I was very impressed to find out that it was the future groom that had requested her services. Mike wanted to make sure that his fiance, Erika, had a very special shower...and he wanted it captured on film in the best way possible. He's a keeper!

Check out these amazing photos by Sandra P.

The Bride and her friends enjoy a lovely afternoon.

The pink and green theme are carried through very well in the invites and lovely hanging arrangements.

I love the bling on the cupcakes!

Every girl loves champagne and Tiffany's.

And captured perfectly on film, a lovely card from the groom. He wrote some very thoughtful words about his first date with Erika. It brought the bride to tears and brought on many oohs and ahhs from her friends.

Best Wishes to Erika and Mike! And thanks to Sandra P for sharing her wonderful work!

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