Wednesday, November 26, 2008

She does it again...

Holiday Ideas.

As I've mentioned before, every month I dog-ear the best pages of the vast amount of magazines that I receive...then clip those pages and file them away for future reference. I do this because I live in a NYC apartment, so I am very discerning about what I allow to remain in my limited square footage. But every once in awhile, I come across a magazine that is so full of good ideas that have to keep the whole space-hogging thing. The December issue of Martha Stewart Living is one of those magazines. If you do not have a subscription, run out and pick up a copy. Here are just a few of my favorite things:


Chocolate-Coconut Charlotte

Holiday Drinks

Sparkling Shiraz Punch, Cranberry & Orange Sherbet Punch, Roasted-Pineapple Hot Buttered Rum, Sparkling Cider and Cara Cara Orange Punch

Holiday Gifts
Body Scrub, Lip Balm, Bath Fizzies, Bath Snowballs

Jasperware Ornaments, Pierceware Ornaments

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