Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Baby it's cold outside...


My husband accuses me of being a cold-blooded animal...not because I'm a terrible person, but because I cannot properly regulate my own body temperature. If it is hotter than 75 degrees, I'm roasting. If it is colder than 75 degrees, I'm freezing. I can't help it.

During the Fall and Winter I turn into a coffee fanatic, because no winter coat that I have ever owned is enough to sufficiently keep me warm. Last year, I would have just drank whatever brew was available at my office. This year, since embarking on the Hip Hostess adventure, I am on my own. Armed with a coffee press, I am in search of the perfect coffee for me. Luckily I stumbled across the most amazing coffee site - The Roasterie.

The Roasterie's "My Blend" option allows you to custom blend your own coffee to suite your specific taste. Genius! And it is so simple. You answer a series of 10 questions that guide you towards what you are looking for in a's like an online dating service for coffee. And then - poof - you learn the identity of your one true coffee love. Mine is, "Vibrant and round with subtle nutty undertones." AND you can even customize the packaging. Not only will it taste exactly how I want, but it will also look the way I want. I can't wait! --a

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