Monday, September 29, 2008

We're watching.

Inspiration board & accessory.

I have a confession to make. I'm a stalker...and a big one. I don't prowl around outside ex-boyfriends apartments, but I do obsess over beautiful items on the internet and stores...and pay them visits on a possibly more-than-healthy basis. As part of my self-induced treatment, I would like to share these beloved finds with you. Perhaps you can join in my obsession.

The first objects of my affection are the beautiful handmade clutches of redrubyrose. If you haven't already been to this wonderful etsy shop, you must check it out immediately! Rowena crafts these beautiful purses from vintage and contemporary textiles AND she has started adding her very own fabric designs as well.

As Brandi mentioned in an earlier post, you can draw inspiration for a wedding from all sorts of places. And the beautiful textiles used by Rowena in her work would be a great place to start as well. Which is exactly what I did in this inspiration board. Since Fall is now upon us, I chose one of her lovely chocolate brown clutches with taupy fern and flower silhouettes as our focal point. This may be the first time that you see her work in one of our boards, but I assure you it won't be the last. Enjoy. --a

First Row: photo by Brian Kinyon, flowers by Saipua , invitation by Oslo Press, photo of Sandals St. Lucia Grande. Second Row: Photo by Jenny Hammar, clutch by redrubyrose, cake detail by Take the Cake, Third Row: photo by Jenny Hammar, photo from The Knot, hair accessory by Muscari by Easter Yu, photo by Jenny Hammar

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