Friday, September 19, 2008

Save your pedicure, skip the sand.

Destination venue.

I love the idea of a destination wedding. I was very recently married and absolutely loved my wedding. It was a blast…but it was also pretty big. And as much as you try to be in the moment and spend as much time as possible with every single guest, it just isn’t possible…unless you have a clone or two hanging around. So while I was on my honeymoon relaxing and trying to piece together the memories from my whirlwind wedding weekend, I got ever-so-slightly envious of those brides that can pull off a smaller guest list in an exotic location. But I could never do a destination wedding. Gazebos are not my taste. And sand between my toes does not make me feel pretty. Then I looked around me and realized that I was in the perfect spot for an uber-chic destination wedding.

My husband and I had the wonderful fortune of staying at Jade Mountain in St. Lucia for our honeymoon. This resort is absolutely breath-taking. And although all of the photos that I will show you are amazing, they don’t even begin to capture the way you feel each and every time you look at your surrounding…amazing. And although you can most definitely go to the beach during the day, I think a wedding using the amazing architecture and view within the resort would be most appropriate.

First, each guest would be treated with not just an ordinary room, but a sanctuary with its own infinity pool and butler service to boot. Each of the 24 infinity pool sanctuaries has only 3 walls…with the fourth opening up to a view of the Piton mountains. It is very sexy and romantic. This is the room that we stayed in:

As for the actual wedding, the entire resort involves a series of “sky bridges” that take you from the main pathway to each individual sanctuary. There are at least a dozen spots within this inner corridor that would make a lovely aisle for the bride and gallery for the guests.

And then for the reception, the Jade Mountain Club is the restaurant and lounge that services the resort. Besides boasting an absolutely wonderful 4-course menu, it also offers a sky deck that has 360-degree views of the mountains , countryside and beach. Hello…who cares about sandy beach weddings when you can have this? --a

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