Saturday, September 20, 2008

I think this deserves a Green Medal.

Centerpiece DIY.

As the world’s gaze fell upon Beijing this summer, one of the most breathtaking sights was the dazzling botanical displays of the Olympic Topiary Gardens. I was glad to discover that the love of topiary’s is universal.

Since topiary’s seem to be at the forefront of everyone’s mind, it’s a great time to show how you to can display an awe inspiring topiary without all the acreage.

Below is a Strawberry Topiary that Amber and I put together for an engagement party. All you need for this little beauty are some strawberries, toothpicks, styrofoam forms and a pot. Then, voila, you’ll have a stunning centerpiece in no time. --b

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the great idea. I have a 50th wedding anniversary coming up this weekend and this is just what I was looking for.