Thursday, September 25, 2008

Glorious Cheese…….


Where cheeses are concerned, I’m prone to guilding the lily. I’m unable to curb my impulse to leave well enough alone. I am always in search of “the perfect bite” where your taste buds explode with contrasting flavors. Manchego and Quince, Saga Blue with a drizzle of honey, Camembert with a fruity red Beaujolais.

Recently I was noshing at Zampa, a fabulous wine bar and kitchen on the West Side when I tasted something so pure that it changed my whole philosophy on cheese. Yes, I do have a philosophy on cheese. Burrata, translated as “buttery” or “buttered” is a fresh Italian-style cheese, consisting of a mozzarella outer shell, with a delicious, rich center of mozzarella curd and cream. The taste is so perfect, that tampering of any kind would be a disgrace.

This appeals to me as a Hip Hostess because rarely do you find something so impressive that requires little or no work. My advice is the next time you host a dinner party place Burrata, some quality olive oil and fresh tomatoes on a plate as your first course. You won’t be sorry. --b

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