Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hostess Gifts

Gift Ideas.

Does anyone else keep a file of “cool finds”? I bring this up because Spring is the time when I go through that file and re-stock my hostess gifts for the upcoming season. It’s fun for me to peruse the materials and pick and choose unique and useful items that I can grab when running out to a party, a birthday that snuck up on me or even just a thoughtful gift to bring to lunch for a friend having a difficult time.

Many people think gift giving is for the receiver. But I think it is the giver that truly benefits. I love having special little gifts on hand that I know will make people happy. So often giving gifts takes on a negative overtone because it usually involves rushing around town at the last minute when you still have a million things to do.

So, Hip Hostess’ take my advice and spend a little time and money in early Spring to save yourself stress and overspending in the future.

Check out StudioPatro…they have fabulous products and have great tips for getting the most out of a tea towel.


Abby said...

love the wine bottle idea

Rosie @ RosieBear said...

I do the same thing... stocking up on the perfect hostess gift... right now I'm very into soap. But this post may make me update my standard gift to tea towels... So cute!