Friday, April 29, 2011

Specialty Bottle

Favor Supply Source.

One of the benefits of being an event planner is that I have an excuse to look at Bridal magazines over 2 years after my own wedding has passed. When I was flipping through the Martha Stewart Wedding Spring issue, I kept dog-earring pages that featured glass bottles from Specialty Bottle.

Specialty bottle is one of those sources that I love for event favors. They have a ton of different bottles in all shapes and sizes that are just begging for a little creativity and customization.

And that's the secret to creating something interesting and unique of your own for an event. Instead of spending hours upon hours trying to find a beverage company that's labeling works with your theme, just create your own label and slap in on one of these bottles. All of the control and a lot less research.

So what kind of projects would you do with these fun bottles???


rooth said...

These bottles are so pretty and there are so many different uses!

Sécia Mischke said...

how fun. i want them for every occasion!

♥ sécia

leslie.jones said...

What wonderful ideas!!