Thursday, April 14, 2011

Athol Brose

Cocktail Recipe.

One of my favorite local spots in Chicago is Bangers & Lace. They have a ridiculously long craft beer list, delicious food, and some rather tasty cocktails to boot.

Last week I decided to try an oddly named cocktail called the Improved Atholl Brose. Hello. Love at first sip.

Whiskey mixed with honey and topped with a foamy cream layer. I stopped myself at one because it was just way too easy to drink this one.

If you are in Chicago, definitely stop by and get the real deal at Bangers & Lace (and I highly advise trying the Truffle Grilled Cheese as well). If you aren't in the area, here's a link to a recipe so you can make your own Athol Brose at home.

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S├ęcia Mischke said...

That place sounds wonderful on so many levels. I will def be making myself that drink! Thanks for sharing.