Friday, February 11, 2011

Zilch Margaritas

Calorie-friendly cocktails.

I’ll be perfectly honest, I haven’t enjoyed a margarita since they started putting the calorie content on menus. I love the slightly sour and sweet mix and it used to be one of my favorite go-to drinks but I can’t enjoy it now that I see the calorie and sugar content. Plus as I get older, sugary drinks cause me to stay in bed a little longer the next morning.

I was about to resign myself to a margarita-free life when along came Zilch Margarita Mix. It is sold in 10 single-serve packets and all you need to do is add tequila and water and voila you have yourself an 8 oz. margarita. The best part is that it contains zero carbohydrates and zero calories.

Zilch comes in a variety of flavors and also in one gallon party packet if you are planning a get-together. Now while I stay true to a real margarita made with fresh lime juice, I believe that with Zilch’s easy to-go packets, I can once again enjoy my margarita, chips and salsa cravings on a more regular basis.

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Nicole-Lynn said...

Shut the front door.. no calories in a margarita? Sign me up! :)