Saturday, February 5, 2011

Customizable Breakfast Cereal

I love this concept. The creators at me & goji have put together an interactive cereal builder system, if you will, that allows you to create your very own breakfast cereal by using your favorite ingredients.

Goji’s base includes things like choco granola, five grain muesli and goji oats. You can then go to town with the additives like cocoa almonds, dried strawberries, acai powder and multigrain o’s just to name a few.

After selecting the components, you get to name your cereal which shows up printed on the outside of the tube and for an additional $2.99 you can include a photo.

The finished tube contains about 21 ½ cup servings and costs start at around $5.00 if using the cheapest base and go upwards from there. Typical cost plus shipping is around $10 per tube.

This is going to make a great “wow” factor for my upcoming breakfast meetings.

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Dina said...

Customizable cereal -- wonderful idea!