Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Nostalgia


I'm not much for gadgets, but I am just loving that Polaroid has a new instant camera. It's smaller and cuter than the old-fashioned kind. The film doesn't cost a mint. But it still gives you that instant gratification that was so much fun before. Wouldn't this be fun to use over Christmas?


Unknown said...

I love this too! Where can you get it? XO

Hip Hostess said...

Brittany - it looks to be a very popular item. Since I wrote this post with a link to HSN it sold out!

I just did a quick google search and it's available on Amazon. Your local Target or Walmart might carry it as well. Have fun and good luck finding your very own Polaroid 300.

xo - Amber

Anonymous said...

Yes! I want one of these :) I want a home guestbook with one of these to add photos to the signatures :)

TheresaSea said...

Does it use the same film as the old ones do? I thought they stopped selling that type of film. At work we just purchased the digital PoGo camera-they're really neat!

Hip Hostess said...

They've totally revamped the film situation. The old film for the original camera was very cost prohibitive. Now it is MUCH more affordable.

Hope that helps!

xo - Amber