Saturday, December 4, 2010

Holiday Karaoke

Holiday Entertainment.

My new favorite song on the radio is “Gettin Over You” by David Guetta. Every time this tune comes on I can’t help but dance around and who doesn’t love to belt out the lyrics with Fergie. I was always amazed at how much I sounded like Fergie, why did I not persue singing instead of event planning?

Suddenly while singing the same song in my kitchen without the backup I started looking around for the dying cat…OMG…Fergie has been carrying me!

So this got me thinking, every year around the holidays I buy some board games or video games. Just a little something to kick up the fun. This year I was thinking I would spend a little more and get a good karaoke machine. I OBVIOUSLY need one with all the bells and whistles.

While walking through Costco what did I see right before my eyes but a professional Emerson Karaoke machine for $89.99. If you are looking for a little karaoke action at your upcoming events this deal can’t be beat. Fergie better watch out!

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