Friday, December 3, 2010

HH Brit Baby List

Gift Ideas.

Once again...I'm reminiscing on my trip to London. This time it's all about baby gifts.

Our good friends Chris and Priya had just told us that their soon-to-arrive baby is a boy, so I was on the hunt for a unique gift to supplement my tried-and-true registry gift selections (pack n play or baby bjorn).

I absolutely went gaga for The White Company section at Harrods. Classy, understated, and too freakin adorable, The White Company is a great option babies of both the blue or pink distinction. Here are some of my faves:

Baby Toiletries - Gorgeous packaging that can sit out in your bathroom without turning it into a primary color wonderland.

Babies 1st photo album - White linen with silver detailing. It's an elegant way to keep track of the baby's first year.

Stuffed toys - These ULTRA soft toys come in three different sizes. Even infant tiny. And they are safe for the baby to snuggle from birth.


And no sooner did I land in the US, and I had received an email from another great UK based baby/kids product company,Sparkle and Spin Kids. Vibrant and fun, these products are even more great options for a unique gift.

I'm loving these toys:

And don't you just love these adorably funky kid's clothes too?

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leslie.jones said...

Thanks- this gave me some ideas for my friend who is about to have a little boy :)