Monday, December 28, 2009

Special Touches for a Touchdown Party

DIY Bloody Mary Bar.

Truth be told, I know as little about football as I know about astrophysics. I have never been to a game and have watched the Superbowl a few times from afar. Usually from a seat in the kitchen surrounded by plenty of beer and goodies…this is more my style.

Recently, Hip Hostess was asked to host a tailgating event, and although it was exciting, I knew it wouldn’t be without its challenges. Hip Hostess prides itself on visually appealing set ups. We knew we needed to find a way to incorporate some style and fun into the event without jeopardizing any of the machismo atmosphere.

We decided to kick off the party with a build-your-own bloody mary bar stocked with many delicious and a few surprising additives. Needless to say the bar was a big hit and we managed to pull it off visually without anybody feeling like they were losing any testosterone.

This set up was easy and inexpensive. All it takes is a few galvanized pails and some wooden flags which I bought at A.C. Moore for .50 cents a piece. I couldn’t find a link to the flags online but you could always use a dowel and a piece of paper just as easily. We printed the graphics on 3 1/3 x 4 easy peel shipping labels. If you are interested in the above graphics, please send us an email and we will get them to you ASAP. We used the following garnishes:

Cocktail Onions
Garlic stuffed olives
Pickled green beans
Pickled asparagus
Roasted shrimp

If your holidays are filled with watching football, this is a great way to make an impression that will have everyone talking about your fantastic and creative hostess skills.