Monday, December 14, 2009

Classy Cookie Containers

Gift Wrapping Ideas.

Like many people, I like to make an assortment of cookies to give out as gifts. This year I wanted to make this traditional gift idea seem a bit more special with unique packaging ideas...because you know how much we love packaging. When I ran across this handful of amazing ideas on Martha's site, I just had to share my faves!

1. Homemade Sampler Box - An empty tin container divided with corrugate cardboard, rectangular baking liners, and tissue paper.

2. Loaf Pan - I love that this package make a useful gift for the recipient too.

3. Jewelry Box - Available in a wide assortment of colors, this box looks really elegant lined with linen and filled with a few financiers.

4. Paper Tubes - Are easily transformed into candy canes with adhesive backed paper cut into strips and wrapped around.

5. Baking Mold - Again...reusable and outside of the norm. Love it!

6. CD Sleeve - All you need is one big cookie and a cute label to make this gift worthy of giving to anyone on your list.


Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

I love these ideas. So Fab!!

Katy Mary said...

The table with the clear bottles is absolutely gorgeous!!