Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Where do you find inspiration?

I am a morning person…I love to get out of bed, fix my cup of coffee and search the internet in total peace and quiet before the phone starts ringing, blackberry starts buzzing and my husband and dog arise. It is easily my favorite hour of the day.

I realized today that in this early morning zen moment, I usually find myself drifting towards the Bellocchio website. It’s funny because most of what they have is beautiful yet totally impractical for me at this moment in time. I dream of one day having a room filled with treasures like straight pins with Murano glass heads contained in a small, shagreen-style box with a blue label. And to go with the perfect straight pin you would also need a European flat head construction safety pin, with a tiny ball at the base that is made in France and contained in the perfect little green box.

I would also definitely need a pair of Charles X scissors complete with mother of pearl handles.

And who doesn’t need a Navette with cotton twine? Even though I am not sure what it is the presentation is fantastic.

And just in case a non-beautiful object might make its way into an otherwise perfect room. Of course, I have red and aqua boxes for just such an occasion.

Even though this might seem insane to some, I assure you it is what keeps me sane in many ways. I would love to know your favorite indulgent websites?


Nicole-Lynn said...

This is one! Most wedding, DIY, photographer's websites!

Anonymous said...

LOL...I couldn't agree more. Mine guilty pleasure is an origami site...who has the time or patience to fold all the paper. I just like to browse and maybe one day.

Pixie said...

I'm not sure what that navette is but it looks kind of like the thing the old folks used back home in south Louisiana to "knit" fishing nets with. Hmmm.