Monday, August 10, 2009

To do or not to do

Task organizing ideas.

This time of year has a tendency to get a little hectic. Summer is drawing to an end and everyone is trying to fit every summer activity they haven’t accomplished yet into 3 weeks. The kids are headed back to school which means many supplies and clothes to purchase. Here at Hip Hostess things have become really busy in the last week and not that we are complaining but it means we need to be more organized than ever.

Hip Hostess has a daily morning meeting where we go over our to-do lists and organize our tasks for the day. This is pretty easy when you have a computer in front of you with a nice, neat excel spreadsheet. But it seems that if I am out and about and an idea or task strikes I end up with tiny scraps of paper throughout my purse. And trying to translate my scribbles can be a task in itself. Sure I could enter the info in my BlackBerry, but sometimes it is just quicker and easier the old fashioned way.

So I decided to go in search of some fun downloadable lists that I could use both in the office as well as on the fly.

How About Orange
Created by Erin Vale
This is a great find. Not only does Erin offer a Freakin to-do list which makes me laugh a little every time but also a Dreamy blog topic list and a pain in the groceries to buy list.

The Project Girl
This is great if you want everything on one page for easy purse snatch ability.

Blah, Blah, Blahg
Created by Baca Creative
This list is great because it helps keep the focus on what is really important.


Nicole-Lynn said...

Thank you! These are great!

Anonymous said...

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