Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bar Basics

Entertaining at Home.

Many of our readers are newly engaged or are newlyweds entering their first apartment or home with their significant other. Of course this means you will be doing more at home entertaining. Today Hip Hostess is going to give you a few tips for setting up a small bar. This will give you the basic necessities to make sure you are always a prepared hostess.

Vodka: 1-3 bottles, including flavored. Vodka is always a must have because you can serve it on the rocks and it mixes well with any juice. It is also a basic ingredient when throwing together many signature cocktails.

Gin: 1 bottle for old-school martini lovers and tonic drinkers.

Tequila: 1 bottle will do the trick. It is the main ingredient in margaritas and not to mention a great shot.

Rum: 1 bottle to make delicious mojitos or mix up some fruity poolside umbrella drinks.

Whiskey: This is an expensive optional category depending on who you think you would be inviting. If you are planning on hosting a lot of corporate dinner parties then having a smooth bourbon or scotch on hand would be wise.

Beer: A 12 pack of your signature brand or a couple of fun Belgium Beers to taste is always a fun twist.

Red and white wine: I would recommend picking up wines on special and then writing a small cheat sheet to remind yourself of the attributes when serving (ie: hint of cherry, best if opened 1 hour prior to serving). That is the beauty of picking up wines on special, not only are they discounted but they also usually have all the information attached.

Prosecco or Cava: You can find a decent bottle of either for between $6-$12 dollars. They are great to have on hand in case you need to toast to something and they make elegant signature cocktails.

Mixers: Tonic, Coke, Pepsi, Club Soda, variety of juices, lemon and lime juice and a couple fruit purees.

Cocktail Recipes: This site offers many basic cocktail recipes. It is a great idea to print out some basics on recipe cards and stash them near the bar in case someone asks for something shaken not stirred.

Anyone else getting thirsty?


The Blushing Hostess said...

Cocktail Hacker did a great shopping list and how to use it a couple of months ago - he has great ideas, I was grateful to have a place to send people to get both. Now I have two!

And I love that dog!!

Stephanie said...

This is a great list. Mr. Newlywed and I always struggle to make sure we have the "basics." However, what we consider basics may not be what everyone else does.

Thanks for the list!