Friday, February 20, 2009

Southern Comfort

Table Decor.

While perusing the internet I ran across this great photo layout by D Magazine. The thing that struck me about this table was that I immediately wished I was seated around it with family and friends. A point that is often overlooked, the table setting should be more about the feeling you want to create for your wedding or event and less about the perfect $50.00 water goblet. The table below is put together very creatively using touches from around the home and natural textures. I love the chalkboard chargers ($12 each/RSVP Soirée) but you could also use inexpensive plates from a flea market or tag sale and cover them with chalkboard paint for the same effect. The sapling giveaways ($1.85 each/ are inexpensive, super cute and drive home the nature theme.

This is a great concept that can be easily adapted to any space or table size. Even if the beautiful rustic, country church was not in the background, your guests would imagine it there with this table setting.


Kathryn said...

I love this! Beautiful and clever - and inexpensive!

Elisabeth Barker said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! Where is this church? I couldn't find the article on D Magazine's web site.

Hip Hostess said...

Here is the direct link from the website