Thursday, February 19, 2009



Oh Regenboog Wostyntje! No, I did not just sneeze...I was just pining for another Beligian beer with which I have become smitten.

At a recent trip to the ultra-cool Huckleberry Bar in Brooklyn, I took a detour from their inventive cocktails towards their beer list and came up with another winner. The Regenboog Wostyntje is a Mustard Ale with a slight bitter finish. And don't let the "mustard ale" title scare you like it did for me at won't take a sip of this and be thinking French's or Gulden's. Instead there is a slightly spicy note to it that would be perfect with a dinner of hearty meats - think bratwurst, sausage, steak. Add it to your grocery list, you'll love it!

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