Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Minty Makeovers


You asked for it, and now you're going to get it. Hip Hostess has some Wedding DIY's coming your way over the next few weeks. Here is our first:

One of the things that I personally struggled over during my wedding was what to include in the restrooms for "convenience items." In the beginning, I had dreams of setting up trays of my favorite Molton Brown soaps and lotions, plush hand towels, etc. As time went by, I realized that it was more practical to invest my "soap money" elsewhere. But I still wanted to add a special aethetic touch while providing a convenient surprise for my guests. I decided on Decorative Dinner Mints - they are very inexpensive, very easy, and always welcomed.

Shopping List

Dinner Mints - A 2lb tub of Starlight Mints is less than $10 and contains about 180 pieces
Tissue Paper
Ribbon - I like grosgrain
Glass Container

1. Figure out how many layers of tissue it will take to cover your mints without the mint showing through - this will vary based on the color that your choose or the opaqueness of the paper. In my case, it was 4 layers.

2. Cut tissue paper into squares approximately 3 1/2 times the size of mint. For Startlight Mints, this is 3.5".

3. Fold the tissue over the mint and then lightly twist the ends to hold shape. This will not look perfect, it's ok.

4. Keeping the ribbon on the spool, tie a small bit of ribbon around one side (no need to knot). Cut off at desired length and then repeat on other side. Do not attempt to pre-cut ribbon into small lengths, it ends up being more difficult to handle, more frustrating, and inevitably more wasteful.

5. Fluff the ends a bit. And place in a glass container for your guests to enjoy and admire.

Important things to note:

When possible, buy ribbon in complete spools because you'll reap a considerable discount. Consider all of the projects that you might be able to use it for - from gift wrapping, to programs, to favors. I purchased mine from MJ Trimmings and by purchasing a complete spool, I got 50 yds for the same price that I would have paid for 30 yds at regular price.

For a glass container, ask your venue if they have an extra vase or bowl that you can use. If not, try dollar stores or the sales racks at discount retailers for options that you wouldn't mind leaving behind. I was able to find my vase for $5 at Target in between seasons.

Though this may seem like a small, inconsequential really does make a big impact for so little money. I had many guests make a special point to mention what a lovely touch it was. And even my husband, who made fun of me as I put these together during a Rock of Love Marathon, quickly came around when he saw the finished product.


Anonymous said...

Such a great DIY! Thanks.

Mrs. in May said...

Consider your idea copied! LOL Thanks!

Hip Hostess said...

Glad that you like it! Good luck with the project :)

Anonymous said...

That is a great idea and very simple Hope you don't mind that I use your idea?

Nicole-Lynn said...


Anonymous said...

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