Friday, December 19, 2008

Toasting the Holidays.

Fun Facts.

A raise of the hand and a clink of the glass never cease to bring on a quick dose of cheer. There are many theories about why we toast—beginning with the ‘clinking’ of the glass, this was believed to ward off evil spirits. Another tale claims that by crashing glasses together, the libations in each glass would slosh into the other person’s cup, proving that neither was poisoned. Most commonly the toast translates to ‘good health and good fortune’.

“Cheers!” is a word you will hear many times in the coming weeks, as well, it should be. It is the perfect time of year to look back and toast your accomplishments, say good riddance to your surpassed hurdles and look forward to a New Year. My personal theory is that each time you Cheers you are bumped up on the Good Health and Good Fortune list. So, I am going to provide you with a list of many different ways to say “Cheers”. Go Clink and Prosper. --b

Danish – Skaal (skawl)

Dutch – Proost (proast)

Finnish – Kippis (kip’ pis)

French – A votre santé (ah vo’ tra san’ tay)

German – Prost (proast)

Hebrew – Le’chaim (leh khy’ yim)

Ireland – Slainte’ (slahn cha’)

Italian – Salute (sah loo’ tay)

Japanese – Kanpai (kahn pay)

Portugese – Saude (ser oo’ dher)

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