Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Big Fat REAL Wedding - Color

Lesson #3
Think Big Picture.

Alright...I have a date, a venue, a dress and shoes...what the heck are my colors? Here I am a person that preaches how great inspiration boards are and I'm making decisions left and right without having "a vision."

So it was time for me to take a breath and think about what the future Mr. Hip Husband and I wanted to accomplish from our day. Both of us decided that we were totally fine with breaking rules as long as our guests would come away saying, "That was SO Sean & Amber." It may not be an inspiration board, but it was our mantra.

With this in mind, we quickly knew that we were not going to have an early ceremony. Neither of us are morning people in the least, and I did not picture my perfect day starting with hair and make-up shortly after dawn. A late start time worked for us because we also didn't want any lag-time between the ceremony and reception. It was our goal that within 5 minutes of us being pronounced man & wife, our guests would be sipping on their first cocktail.

Believe it or not, the time of day was the deciding factor in the colors that we chose for our wedding. An evening wedding tends to set a more formal tone (perhaps black & white), but we didn't want things to be too fussy either. So we needed to pair the formality with a bit of whimsy. This is where lighting came in. We very much wanted to take advantage of the candle treatment options at A New Leaf because it really highlights the raw architectural look very well. So our challenge was picking a focal color that would be bright and cheery at 6:00 when we had a decent amount of daylight...but would also create some luminescence at 8:00 when the sun had set and candles were our main source of light.

Shades of green didn't cut it. Pink starts out nice but loses it's luster. Orange begins Summery but at night turns to Autumn. Finally we decided on Lemon Yellow with Black & White. Thus I learned Lesson #3 - Think about the big picture - just because the color looks good while you are looking at it in your apartment, doesn't mean it will work all night long at your party. --a

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