Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hit me with your best shot!


Tis the season to party, party, party. And if you are throwing a fete for your friends, you probably want to watch your wallet yet still create a buzz. One way to kick-start a party is to have a fun drink. The only problem is that many "fun" drinks require you to purchase a lot of different kinds of alcohol & juices...and then who wants to stand by the bar all night mixing up those complicated concoctions? No thanks.

Luckily the people at DeKuyper created a solution - Burst Bar Shots. They are offered in 3 very familiar options: Red-Headed, Kamikaze, and Washington Apple. And no worries about these guys tasting too saccharin sweet...they are just as good as any shot that might be prepared by your favorite bartender at the local pub. What I might recommend is decanting the pre-mixed shots in a fun container - and then shake in a cocktail shaker with ice as needed. Your friends need never know that you didn't break the bank on 80 kinds of schnapps. --a

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Anonymous said...

I see a hang over in my future...these are great!