Monday, June 9, 2014

Sweet Grass Dairy

One of the first things the hubby and I always do when arriving somewhere new is check out all the local specialties.  Barely upon arriving in any new city I search local cheese and charcuterie.  Georgia isn't flush with cheese but I believe they are gaining some ground.  It seems the easiest fromage to score in this area is Sweet Grass Dairy.  I have sampled the Thomasville Tomme which is smooth, rich and buttery and covered with truffle honey...addictive.  But that wasn't all, there was also a mild blue called Ascher Blue which is one of only 3 true blue's made in the U.S.  Both of these cheeses were definitely something worth using their mail order store called The Larder to get your hands on for your next event.  I haven't been very lucky as of yet with the charcuterie but I did see some Georgian made Guanciale that I have my eye on.

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