Friday, May 16, 2014

Fried Shallots

I've been noticing a trend lately with fried seems they are being thrown into everything.  Last weekend my husband got Rosemary fries which came beautifully displayed on a wooden plank with crispy shallots intertwined.  My burger patty came the same way with a small pile of crispy goodness on top.  This got me thinking maybe I should stop thinking of crispy onions as only a topper to green bean casserole?  A bite of salty crunchiness can add deliciousness to many dishes and maybe make an ordinary dish extraordinary.  I did some research and found that if you don't want to make them yourselves then the Asian grocery stores carry the best variety with Trader Joe's coming in second place. 

The Gouda Life
Sauteed purple kale with fried egg and crispy shallots (these need to be homemade)

Simply Scratch
The fancier version of green bean casserole

Serious Eats
Brussel Sprouts with crispy shallots and chilies

Food Network
Cauliflower Linguine with crispy shallots

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