Wednesday, May 14, 2014

COOL ideas

So now I have my summer cocktail set and am starting to think about what other fun touches I can add to entertaining when the weather is 90 degrees plus.  You know I was considering cake when a memory from a few years back occurred to me.  We were at the US Open and the weather was hot and humid that day and the sun was beating down on us in the stands so we went in search of a cool treat...not like ice cocktails.  That's when I had a life changing lemon granita.  I can still remember the delicious lemony flavor and the tiny ice crystals and even though they were like $18 a piece, they were worth every penny.  That my fellow hip hostess' is going to be my go to dessert this year.  Here are a few ideas I'm kicking around.

Pineapple Granita
Looks lovely and shares an ingredient with my cocktails which is always pleasing to the palate.

Iced Coffee Popsicles
This would be a fun replacement to the normal coffee and dessert

Moonshine and Sweet Tea Granita
This is fun and when in Savannah you should always include sweet tea at some point.

Root Beer Float Granita
I like the kitsch and nostalgia this granita brings.  Awww A&W and drive in movies.

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