Friday, March 28, 2014

Plastic Bag Storage Art?

Most likely everyone has a stash of plastic bags somewhere in the home.  You have to, it's a necessary evil...there are times when you just NEED a plastic bag. Now with the stores starting to charge it will become more necessary then ever.  You can carry all the reusable bags you can but sometimes you just have more groceries than bags.

I keep mine to a minimum and have purchased a plastic bag holder which keeps them semi organized.  But check out this neat little trick that I found over at Savvy Sugar. It's amazing how many bags they get in that small bowl AND it doesn't even look messy.  Plus what a great trick for putting a couple in your purse.

Smooth a plastic bag horizontally on your work space and start folding it up in three-inch sections. Continue folding until you reach the other side.
Starting at the closed end of the plastic bag, begin folding diagonally, creating a triangle. Keep folding until you reach the other side.
Now tuck the ends into the fold, and you have a nice little triangle of a plastic bag.

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